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Zsa Zsa

I just wanted to update you on our little baby dog, Babybel (formerly Zsa Zsa). She is the puppiest of puppies and the loviest of loves. We’re working on potty training and bite inhibition and are doing well with our sleep crate so far. It has an open top and is right next to the bed so we can pet her until she settles back to sleep between potty breaks in the middle of the night. Baby loves hopping and running back and forth in our home or out front with me and desperately wants to be out in the world. We’re keeping her safe and not introducing her to any pups we know and trust until her second vaccination and are keeping her out of public areas, including my dog friendly treatment facility (I’m a therapist and work with young adults) until her 16 week vaccination. We love her SO MUCH!


I was lucky to foster Ziggy. My goal was to show him love, unlimited amounts of affection from my family, especially my toddler (who is amazing with dogs), socialize him with all kinds of people (thank you Pacsin), and my rockstar male coworkers. (he didn't trust specific types of men) After spending so much time with him, he felt like a big puzzle piece to our family and I wanted to keep him. I felt Ziggy needed us and we needed him.
When it was time to meet his adopters, I was sure I wasn't going to like them. (c'mon they were possibly taking one of my greatest pride and joys) I was wrong. They were amazing. They doted over him and freaking Ziggy LOVED them. (feeling a little betrayed right now dude) He loved them so much when it was time for him to go he jumped in their arms with 100% trust. I thought I would be devastated he would leave our home. It was  actually the opposite. I'm so happy for him and teared when he overcame whatever hurdles he had and now will experience a home filled with love and kindness. Because he deserves a spoiled life


I just wanted to give you on update on Chloe. My parents are totally in love with her! Chloe is so happy! She is the center of their life and getting LOTS of attention. My dad has introduced her to going on the golf cart and going to the dog park. She’s loving chasing the ball and then coming home to take a quiet nap in the sunshine. She is so content!! My parents just got her groomed, and had their first check-up vet appointment… the vet couldn’t get over how old Chloe is and what wonderful shape she is in. We are in love with her and we are so blessed we found you and made a connection. 


I am elated with the adoption of the newest member of our family! Max is a four year old doodle...that has simply become king of our hearts. He is all love and sweetness. He's so very smart and a real people pleaser. He is calm and gentle and already knew how to shake with each paw when we brought him home in February. Since, he has learned down, home, belly rub, and high 5. We love walks, the dog park, and just being together. He makes my husband and I smile all the time and we have bonded big time.  As our story began he wasn't what we had imagined... he was not a puppy (72 lbs), lived with other house rules, had a few minor health issues. Suzanne, at the Doodle rescue was an angel in supporting us, caring deeply about Max's welfare and our family's as well. She was patient and genuine; real friend. What we found was that by opening our hearts, caring for Max, and using positive reinforcement, we gained something that is priceless...his love. He is perfect... and just the best furbaby we have ever had. I would encourage anyone to consider bringing home a rescue; they will fill your heart.

Foo Fighter

I was told he was scared and hungry, living on the streets. It took the animal control officer 3 days to corral him and get him to the safety of the LA County shelter in Van Nuys. California Doodle Rescue was his next home and I said I’d foster him if he got along with our dogs and cats. I called him FOO FIGHTER. The dogs all got along.  FOO was afraid of the cats and also bicycles and motorcycles and barked, loudly, to keep them away. I worked with a behaviorist. Small strides at first but he was definitely a smart dog that WANTED to be a part of a family. He will play and cuddle all day. Not too long  ago he barked at a motorcycle. The rider, not afraid, saluted him. He still sometimes barks at the cats but they are not afraid of him either. Small steps over 2 months and Foo is relaxed, happy and fatter. Ready to be adopted. So we adopted him. No, it was NOT my original goal. I am now ready to foster again. The cats said I CANNOT keep the next one.


 We are in love with our pup, Frankie! We could not thank California Doodle Rescue enough for connecting us with the love of our lives. Suzanne and The California Doodle Rescue-- was responsive, communicative and wonderful to work with. We hope everyone can find their new family member through this wonderful organization!

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