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We are always looking for special loving foster homes and families that will provide not only the basics, but the extra care and attention that is sometimes necessary.  This ensures that the doodles in our program become better companions and ultimately find their way to new forever homes. Fostering requires a tremendous amount of time, commitment, patience, flexibility and tolerance. Fostering is not always easy.
As part of our vetting process, we may contact your vet, so you should have records of current or previous dog ownership in your name. While a yard is not required to foster, most doodles are active enough that a fully fenced and secure yard is needed to accommodate the dog while in your care. Dogs must be supervised while outside. We do not advocate pee pad training for our fosters in most situations.
Skills and knowledge that will help you include crate training, housebreaking, having previously owned a difficult dog or one with issues, and having family members on board. Some of our dogs come to us with no history, from a puppy mill, or from owners who for various reasons can no longer care for them. We hope that while a dog is in your care, you treat him or her as part of your family and work on whatever skills and behaviors that need addressing. We do not expect miracles. We hope for progress that will make a dog more adoptable.
Fostering may include trips to a vet and groomer. The rescue pays for or reimburses APPROVED vet care, and APPROVED grooming. We have crates, collars, and leashes we can share if needed. We appreciate a foster who is also willing to pick up or transport a doodle. This is helpful for getting and placing our dogs.
Thank you for wanting to help a doodle become the best it can be. We pride ourselves in making wonderful dog-family matches. This is because finding the perfect home is our top priority. As part of the team, you will observe and evaluate what the dog needs to have in his or her perfect home.  We look forward to welcoming you into our rescue family.
California Doodle Rescue

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