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Please be patient. We get hundreds of applications and can't respond to everyone.

Our adoption fees range from $350 - $1,500 depending on the age and condition of the doodle. Your donations pay for expenses to foster doodles, buy pet food, cover veterinary costs, and transportation.

California Doodle Rescue’s goal is to find the perfect match for a doodle in our care. We narrow down applications looking for those who seem to fit a specific dog’s requirements for a home. We adopt doodles to families that will keep them as inside pets and treat them as family members. We do not adopt to families who are specifically looking for a doodle to train as a service dog. Since the majority of rescue dogs do not meet service dog requirements, this is an unfair expectation of our doodles. We also do not adopt doodles to be given as gifts.

Most of our doodles require a fully fenced yard. We do not permit commercial transport of our dogs, and all adopters are required to personally take their new family member home. 

If you adopt a doodle from us, it is important to note that rescue dogs typically require leash and other training. Your doodle may keep you up nights, have potty accidents, and other inconveniences for the first couple of weeks. We can't possibly know everything about the health or behavior of any dog in our care. You bear the responsibility of choosing to adopt your dog. If for any reason you are unable to keep your doodle, you are required to contact the California Doodle Rescue.


If you are found to be a possible match for one of our doodles, you will be contacted directly by someone from California Doodle Rescue. If contacted, please be prepared for a required phone interview, contacting your references, and or veterinarian checks. Part of our adoption process requires an in-person meet and greet between the doodle and the entire household, (including pets) of the potential adopting family. If a home visit is not possible, you may be asked to send photos of your home and yard.


California Doodle Rescue

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