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Doodles Adopted in 2022


12/2022 Gunner was adopted. He is a 1 year old black Goldendoodle who came to us from Henry's Hope Foundation,  We were luckily able to react lightening fast as the owner who had him in an apartment needed to rehome ASAP. His new family is thrilled. Happy tails dood.


12/2022 Piper, the 1 year old 30 lb Whoodle, who came to us from the Pasadena Humane Society, was adopted.  This little girl got over 100 adoption applications.  Her foster said that she is excellent with children and other dogs. Her new mom has been waiting patiently for quite awhile and couldn't be happier. Happy tails Piper.


12/2022 Chloe, the 11 year old mini Goldendoodle has been adopted. She is living the rest of her life in a luxury retirement community. Her new mom and dad, their daughter, and grandsons are madly in love. She is a sweet snuggle bug who loves attention. She is quiet and likes to sleep on laps, beds and sofas. But, most importantly, she loves to be around her humans. Happy tails Chloe.


12/2022 Asher has been adopted.  He was found tied up and abandoned  in a backyard. In his 7 months of life, he knew nothing but neglect. Now, for the first time in Asher's life, he is experiencing a bed, warm blankets, K9 siblings, and lots of human affection. Happy tails Asher. We wish you the best.


12/2022 Duke, the 6 month old golden doodle got adopted. This little guy is a dreamboat and snuggle bug. His new family is so excited to have him. He is settling in just fine with his human and K9 siblings. Happy tails Duke.


12/2022 Lilly, the 1 year old gorgeous Labradoodle sweetheart with 60lbs of love, was adopted. Her new family dropped everything and drove to LA to pick her up.  Turns out they picked up their previous doodle, who they miss dearly, on December 23rd.  When they got the call that their application was chosen, they knew it was meant to be, and wanted to pick up Lilly on the same day. We agree it was meant to be. Happy tails Lilly.


12/2022  Ringo, the 2 year old, 63 lb, Bernedoodle has a new forever home. Ringo was very popular. He got over 70 adoption applications. This handsome guy loves to run around and walk in the park. He also gets along very well with his new doodle sister. Best of all, Ringo loves to snuggle. His new mom couldn't be happier. She has been patiently waiting since February for her perfect match. Happy tails Ringo.


12/2022  Jaxon found his forever family. He is a sweet 50 lb, 1 year old Goldendoodle who loves to play in the backyard, chew his toys, and snuggle with his people.  He’s eager to learn how to please his people, but sometimes his puppy brain overtakes and he gets zoomies. His new family is ready to take him on new adventures. Happy tails Jaxon.


12/2022 Rylie is a 4 year old female 60lb Goldendoodle who found a beautiful forever home. This high energy girl is also a love bug and has a new mom to romp and snuggle with. We wish her a wonderful new life. Happy tails Rylie. 



12/2022 Rocco, the 2 year old 50lb highly active Bernedoodle got adopted by a fireman and his wife who is a labor and delivery nurse. It appears Rocco is very comfortable on the back of the firetruck. You can tell he’s a total love bug. He now has two 2 legged siblings as well as a 4 legged companion. Happy tails Rocco.

Huskydoodle Puppies

12/2022 All six Huskydoodle puppies have been adopted. The doggy parents were not up for adoption.  Two separate fosters graciously took on 3 puppies each. Once they were all up-to-date on the shots, we found perfect adopters as forever families for the precious babies. Happy tails guys. 


12/2022 Leo the 1 year 4 month old Sheepadoodle was adopted. This 52 lbs, energetic, friendly, smart, sensitive, and sometimes anxious doodle found his forever home. His new mom and dad are planning on giving him lots of loving. Happy tails Leo. 


12/2022 Max, the incredible Golden doodle got adopted.  His beautiful owner realized she was working too many hours. This two year old, 38 pounds love bug now has a new forever family to give him all the love he deserves. Happy tails Max.


12/2022 Yukon, the  3 year old Labradoodle found his forever home.  This affectionate boy is 70 lbs of Love. He thinks he’s a lap dog and his new family is madly in love with him. They are going to reprint their Christmas cards, which were ready to go, because he is part of the family now. Happy tails Yukon. You are going to have a great life in your new home. 


12/2022 Roy, the 1 yr old 38lb Bernedoodle was adopted. This guy has a new mom and dad who will let him snooze at their feet, cuddle on the couch for hours, and generally flop down in a corner. Happy tails Roy. 


12/2022 Shay is our 100th adoption since we started the California Doodle Rescue. This 11 year old girl, who's human mom passed away, was adopted by a wonderful couple in No Calif who wanted a companion for their senior Dachshund. It takes loving and very special people to adopt a senior doodle.


Right after the new parents took possession of Shay, her fosters ran into another couple with a doodle. They just happened to be at the same location as the meet and greet. Turns out this random couple met Shay at the groomer who took care of her after Shay's mom died.


This coincidental meeting occurred over 400 miles from the groomer. What are the odds? You can't make this stuff up. We feel this adoption was truly meant to be. 


11/2022 Rhubarb is a 4 yr old 65 lb Sheepadoodle who just got adopted. This beautiful girl was found as a stray and turned in to a shelter.  She lived with a family for 1 1/2 years, but it was time for her to move on. We found a wonderful family in San Diego that was looking for a Sheepadoodle and the rest is history. Happy tails Rhubarb.  


11/2022 Teddy was adopted! This 1.5 year old 60lb Goldendoodle is PERFECTION! A total love bug and fully potty trained. Teddy’s original owner passed away from an unexpected heart attack and his family couldn't take care of him any more. Fortunately, they chose us to find Teddy a new home. We were very picky because he deserves the best. We are happy to say we found the perfect home.  Happy tails Teddy.


11/2022 Benji, the 1 year 3 month old 38 lb neutered Aussiedoodle, now has a new forever family and K9 big brother. This beautiful doodle is a very sweet boy, and energetic. He loves socializing, going for a walk, and playing at the daycare. He now has a dad who takes him everywhere, including Home Depot. Happy tails Benji. 


11/2022 Pippin, now Odin, has been adopted. His new family wanted a labradoodle and once they met him, they loved him. This sweet 2 year old, 70lb Labradoodle needed leash training but his new family put a gentle leader on and the pulling stopped. This friendly guy has found his new forever family. Happy tails big guy. 


11/2022 Sophie Garfinkle, who's mom passed away from cancer was adopted. She is a  4 year old 85lb Shepadoodle (German shepherd  / Poodle). This girl is a total sweetheart who now has her forever home with her new dad.  Happy tails Sophie.


11/2022 Boba, the 6 month old Whoodle was adopted. She is a 16lb Angel baby with hair like feathers. The pictures don't do her justice.  Happy tails little guy. 


11/2022 Milo, the 3 year old 70 lb English Goldendoodle, was adopted by a retired gentlemen who lives on a 10 acre ranch by himself.  When they met, Milo ran to him and they hit it off immediately. It's like they were long lost friends. Happy tails Milo, you are going to get to run as much as you want, lucky dood. 


11/2022 COCO, the 2 year old Bernedoodle & Goldendoodle mix found her perfect forever home. Coco's father is a Bernedoodle and her mother is a Goldendoodle. She’s an energetic sweetheart who now has a family who can give her the attention she needs. Happy tails Coco.


11/2022 Harvey was adopted directly from our Instagram post. This little 2 year old 20 lb doodle was rescued from the streets. He is a playful little guy who now has a family who will take care of him. Happy tail Harvey. 


11/2022 Batman, now Duncan, was adopted by a wonderful couple. This 4 year old, 70 lb tricolored Aussie doodle loves car rides and just wants to play.  He found the perfect family who can spend a lot of time with him and plan on taking him on many adventures. Happy tails big guy. 


11/2022 Oliver was adopted. This 13 month old Goldendoodle was listed by us as a courtesy for the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue. Oliver has Addison’s Disease which was not an issue with his new mom and dad who fell

with those eyes when they saw him on our website. They followed his link to the GRCGLA Rescue and the rest is history. We are so happy to have played a small part in his adoption process. Happy tails Oliver.


11/2022 Queso, the 8 year old 65 lb, Goldendoodle was adopted. This big guy is a total love bug. He enjoys car rides and will be going on many adventures with his new family. Happy tails big guy. 


11/2022 Dallas, now Mello, was adopted. This adorable little 3 year old, 17 lb male is now the perfect companion doodle for his new mom.  He is a love bug and will be spoiled the rest of his life. Happy tails little guy.


10/2022 Sunny, the 3 yr 55 lb Goldendoodle, was looking for a big yard, where could run and burn up all of his energy. Nobody told him he wasn't a little puppy any more. Then, when he was tired, he  wanted to settle down and cuddle. Well, his dream came true. He found the perfect family with over an acre of land to play. He's one lucky dog, lucky dog, lucky dog. 


10/2022 Phobe, the 8 month old Yorkipoo has a new mom. This little girl likes to play, play, and play some more. She now has her furever home where her dreams have come true. Happy tails little angel.


10/2022 Lilly is a sweet little 5 yr old Maltipoo who found her forever home.  She is an absolute dream.  Nobody can figure out why this angel was  surrendered to the shelter. Fortunately, she found her perfect mom. Congratulations little girl. 


10/2022 Theo is a 13.5 lb Mini Goldendoodle who found his forever family. This 13 week old little guy had so many adoption applications, that it was hard to choose. But, we feel we found the right ones.  Just look at the smiles on everyone's faces.  It feels great when the perfect match is made. 

Mr Max

10/2022 Mr Max was adopted. This 10 month old, 70 lb Labradoodle is ready to be loved by his new family. His foster cried during the meet and greet because she knew it was a perfect match. Happy tails big guy. You have a ready made family to grow up with. 


10/2022 - Huey found his forever home. This beautiful 2 year old, 65 lb Standard Goldendoodle now has a new family with both a 4 legged and 2 legged siblings.  He will get to grow up and spend the rest of his life playing with his happy brothers. 


10/2022 - Beau is a 30 lb 7 year old Aussiedoodle whose dad passed away recently. He was very confused and lost the last couple of months. He was surrendered to us and we looked through the adoption applications to find him another dad. Instead, we found him two new dads who plan on spoiling him the rest of his life. The happy tails picture says it all. After the adoption, they wrote to say "He is well trained, calm and a perfect companion for one who has lost his vision. He is also one of the best cuddlers in the world".   


This is why we do what we do. 


10/2022 - Benji, now Kramer,  is a 1 year old 26 lb Mini Poodle / Border Terrier mix. He loves his new home and feels at home on the fishing boat with his dad. They are planning on taking him with them for trips to Catalina. The foster family was so happy to see how well Benji fits in with his new family. Happy tails.


10/2022 - Jersey, the 9 mo 38 lb Goldendoodle in No Calif, found her forever home. Her smooth coat made her look more like a Golden Retriever than a Goldendoodle, but that doodle personality was definitely there. Her new mom couldn't be happier. Happy tails Jersey.  


10/2022 - Winston is a year and a half old Mini Goldendoodle who was adopted by a young couple who fell in love with this little guy. We wish him happy tails for his new forever home. 


10/2022 - Marly, a 9 mo old Mini Goldendoodle who found his forever family. This cute little boy now has a new human mom, dad, and siblings to play with. Happy tails little guy. 


10/2022 - Pippi, the 4.6 month old 20 lb F1b mini Goldendoodle was adopted. Her previous mom worked very long days and Pippi was home alone most of the time.  She now has a new mom and dad along with her big K9 sister. She's not alone any more. Happy tails little girl.


10/2022 - Mater is 5 yr old Chocolate colored 75 lb Goldendoodle who was adopted in No Calif. He is going to play fetch, go hiking, enjoy car rides, and live happily ever after in his beautiful new home. Happy tails big guy.