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"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"

- Josh Billings

501 C-3 non-profit dog rescue   (EIN 88-0967716)

Doodles ready for Adoption


Hi there, Taylor here. I’m going to be someone’s best boy ever. I’m a sweet, handsome goldendoodle looking for my forever home. I’m 1.5 yo and never had a family that was truly mine. I dream of having my own family every day. I’m about 70 pounds of cuddly, loving dog. My foster mom said I’m a sweetheart cuz I love to snuggle and get lots of pets. I’m well behaved, easy going, love people and playing with dogs. (No cats for me please) I think it’s best for me to only live with older kids since I’m a big love bug and could accidentally knock little ones down.

I think it’s very fun to go for walks, play fetch or go to fun places. I try very hard to be a good boy, I’m not a barker or a jumper. I’m a smart young dood so I hope my new family will take me to doggie school. I love to learn new things. I already know some basic commands, I go potty where I’m supposed to and I’m getting good at walking on that leash thing too. I can’t wait to find a family that will take me on new adventures and love me forever and ever. 

I’m wishing hard for you to pick me to be part of your family. I’ll be waiting for you with my amazing foster mom in the Sacramento area.

Bleu Iris

Bleu Iris is a gorgeous 7 year old 22lb chocolate Mini Labradoodle sweetheart. Do not let the age fool you., she has spunk and energy! Everything veterinary has been taken care of. She just needs her attentive human to give her lots of love and TLC. She is being fostered in the Los Angeles area.


Hi humans, It’s me Bunny. I’m a beautiful mini assiedoodle puppy girl that came into the world just three months ago. I sure am happy to be here. I’m only 15 pounds so far but probably I’ll be about 30+ pounds when I grow up. It’s important you know I can’t hear. It doesn’t bother me at all, you can just talk to me with your hands. Besides that I’m a normal puppy. I’m a smart girl and I’ll catch on fast.  I’m counting on you to teach me to be a perfect girl.

I can’t wait to find my forever home, I’m irresistibly cute, cuddly and playful. I dream of kids, and a dog to play and snuggle with in my new home. I definitely need a dog to live with that can show me the ropes and a human that’s home most of the time. I’m super sweet, gentle and still a little shy.  Once I trust you I won’t leave your side. Like any puppy I need help with my social skills so I won’t be afraid of anything, I’m just the right age for that. I’m already learning so much. I sure hope the family that’s meant to be mine will adopt me soon and love me forever. Could that be you?

I’m wishing hard for my new family to find me, cuz it’s exciting to think of all the adventures and fun we will have. I’m waiting patiently with my wonderful foster family in Davis near Sacramento.


Hi everybody, I’m Sydney and I’m so happy to be here in this world. I’m an irresistibly cute little aussiedoodle girl.  I’m only 3 months old and a tiny 7 pounds of wriggly love. I am the smallest of my sibs. I’m sure I’ll get much bigger but I’m not sure how big. We are supposed to be mid sized doodles but you never know. I’m looking for my perfect forever family who will love me always no matter what. I promise to be your best friend and companion my whole life. I need to tell you that I can’t hear anything.  I’m not sure what that means cuz it doesn’t bother me a bit. You can use your hands to talk to me, I am already learning how that works. I’m a normal little doodle in every other way.

I love people and doggies. I may be small but I’m confident and have no problem playing with dogs big or small. I especially need another dog in my family to show me the ropes. Kids are fun to play with too. I’m a sweet, affectionate, social, active puppy with lots of love and cuddles to share. I like to play whenever I can but I’m ready to snuggle after playtime. I’m a smart girl, I already know to go out to potty and I’ll sleep in my kennel just fine. I’m just the right age to go see everything in my world so I’ll never be scared of any noises, humans or moving things.

I’m wishing for you to find me soon so we can start our lives together. I’m waiting for you with my awesome foster family in the Sacramento area.



Hi, It’s me Kiro the best boy ever! I’m a handsome 3yo goldendoodle, 70 pounds of sweet, cuddly dog. I’m a very good, well mannered dood and I’m wishing for a new family to love me forever. I still have plenty of puppy energy so lots of walks, a big backyard to run in and plenty of adventures would make me a happy dog. I love to play with dogs but I prefer to be an only dog in my new home. I like kids too but I’m big so I should only live with older kids.

I’m the kind of doodle that needs an active family and for my humans to be with me most of the time. I love car rides so exploring new places with my family would be tons of fun. If you want a walking or hiking buddy I’m your guy. Like I said I’m a really good boy. I know some commands, I’m not aggressive, destructive or reactive to dogs or strangers. I’m house trained, crate trained and can even stay home out of the crate for short times. (I can be sneaky though so don’t leave food on the counter if you leave) I’m not afraid of anything I can think of, I’m quite social and my favorite things are to snuggle, get hugs and play. See how many good things there are about me? Just let me show you what a great companion I can be.

My paws are crossed that you’ll pick me to come live in your family. 
While I’m waiting for you I’m staying with my wonderful foster family in Benicia in the SF North Bay Area.

Mr Murphy

Mr Murphy is up for adoption.  He is a 2 year old big boy at 80 lbs. This sweetheart is being fostered in Los Angeles. He Requires a home with no other dogs as he likes to be the center of your world.  It's also a good idea a home with no kids so he can relax and focus as number one.


Mr Murphy has a zest for life. Something as simple as a car ride completely makes his day. Murphy is smart, knows commands, and adores the water. If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application. 


Hi, my name is Peaches. I am a 13 year old, 15 lb Cavapoo. Sadly, my human family had to move and couldn’t take me with them. Their neighbor was kind enough to take me in temporarily to keep me out of the shelter. I am a sweet mellow girl who loves going on short walks to smell the roses. I spend most of the day sleeping or puttering about. My temporary foster said I’m the fluffiest little lamb-like dog you’ll ever meet.


I know I’m an old girl and don’t hear so well anymore, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t have lots of love to give. I’m looking for that special family who can foster me or maybe even let me spend the rest of my life with them showing what true love is.


If you are interested, please out a foster application. Or, maybe an adoption application. I hope, I wish. I'm being fostered in Los Angeles. 


Am I a beautiful girl or what! My name is Patty and I’m a 2 yo gorgeous 50 lb, spayed Newfypoo. I love big humans, adults and teenagers I think they are called. I am very energetic and athletic so I absolutely love to take walks, play and go on adventures. I’m happy to meet new people and play with other dogs but I really have to be the only dog in my new home cuz I’m happiest when I get all the love and attention.

Like most doodles I’m a smart, sweet dood that loves to be near you.  I’m house trained and I know some commands. I need plenty of exercise and then I’ll be calm and ready to cuddle. I know how to walk nicely on a leash and I’m an excellent companion. I just need lots of love and I promise to always love you right back.

My only problem is that in the last few months I’ve been doing what’s called resource guarding of my food and treats. I don’t know why I do it, I know that’s not very nice. If you could help me learn not to do that anymore I’d be very grateful. That’s another reason I shouldn’t live with other dogs or young kids. I like it better when I can play with them at the park or someplace away from home. Except for that I’m practically perfect in every way.

I’d be so happy if you’d consider making me yours. I’m waiting for you in my very nice foster home in the Sacramento area.

Jake Ryan

Doods and Doodettes, I’m JAKE RYAN (yes, for you John Hughes movie fans, named after THAT Jake Ryan) and I am a 4 year old, 72 pounds, neutered (yep, no longer a stud), energetic and loving Golden Doodle. My former family had to give me up because, well, I’m not hypoallergenic (what kind of word is that?) and one of the kiddo’s allergies just got worse.

I arrived at my foster family with what my foster parents say are a bunch of bad manners: I counter surf, I lunge at oncoming cars, I jump up on people I really want to meet. And I get a little jumpy when I encounter dogs on my walk. I also showed up about 15 lbs over weight, I weighed in at 75 lbs… I guess I was going for the Uncle Buck look instead of the svelte look of my name sake.

My foster mom and dad have been working with me. I’m learning the word “leave it” and “off” and am doing much better about going after cars and jumping on people, but not gonna lie, old habits (4 years of habits) are hard to break and I need someone who will keep working with me. My foster mom says I am a smart boy and I am food & praise motivated. She takes me on long (2-3 miles) walks; it’s been helping with my weight and energy level. I’m actually a very good boy on a leash as long as the above mentioned things I like to lunge at aren’t around.

I sleep in a crate at night and go in a crate when no one is around to watch me because my former owner said I like to chew things, and well, there is that counter surfing thing, too.

My former owner used to take me to the groomer every other week and I apparently love baths, but I think that has caused me to be kind of oily. My foster mom brushes me everyday and I loved being brushed.

Not sure how I am with other dogs, I lunge at them and I know I intimidate them, so I have yet to actually meet them.

My ideal furever home would be with a family that is experienced with a big boy like me and who will enforce boundaries and keep working on helping me with my manners.

Waiting for you patiently, Jake Ryan. I'm being fostered in San Diego.

Gigi Ann

My name is Gigi and I am a doodle imposter. Im really a purebred 3 year old, 50 pound female Australian Shepherd. My mom and dad are getting divorced and have to move, so they can’t keep me. I grew up with little kiddos and adore them. I love to snuggle and lean on you with all my 50+ lbs. Im great at fetching. I can do it for hours! My foster mom believes I am potty trained, and I know how to sit, but I’m the first to admit I love to chew leashes because I don’t know what they are for. My foster mom is teaching me, and I am doing good. I had 1 litter of puppies , and am scheduled to be spayed real soon! I really want to find my furever home! I'm being fostered in Redlands.


Hi! My name is Scully and I am a 5 month old, 45 pound, standard size, male doodle. I am completely house broken, crate trained, I get along with other dogs very well, and I’m very well behaved. I know sit, wait, come and I am learning off. I walk great on a leash on my own and with other dogs. I love to play with my dog toys and chew my bones.

I do not have any experience with cats, but when my fur-foster siblings bark at the squirrels in the back yard I do not participate. I also don’t bark when deliveries come to the front door.

I am kind, gentle and so loving. My Foster family says I am the perfect doodle in every doodle way. I'm being fostered in Newport Beach. 


Hi friends, Bobby’s new adoption family is absolutely heartbroken.  As it turns out, their son is allergic to Bobby. Though there have been lots of tears, they know that, for the health of their son, Bobby needs to be in another home.  He is a 3 yo, 65 lb, male F1 Goldendoodle. That means his parents were a poodle and a golden retriever. Both his foster and his adoption family describe him as such a sweet, good-natured fellow.

In his prior life, he lived outside so he needs basic training and needs to be neutered. But he’s such a smart boy and has already come a long way in his foster home. He’s slowly getting used to the crate and sitting by the door so he can go out to potty.  We would love to place him in a home with another dog because he is used to living with another dog and LOVES to play.  This is one of those cases where you think - life is not fair - this poor guy has had almost 3 years of not knowing what a stable loving home and a warm bed is. Let’s get him to his forever home ASAP. He is currently in Walnut Creek


My name is Woody, I’m a 3 year old, 70 pound Goldendoodle and I’m looking for my forever family. My family had to surrender me because they couldn’t afford to take care of me anymore.

My foster family is great, they have two dogs, one that’s the same size as me, and we play ALL day together, his name is Rocco and he was actually adopted from the same rescue!! My foster family has kids too, and they’re fun to play with! I even get to sleep in bed with them!!

I know my basic commands, I like going on runs with my foster dad, and I love playing fetch, the balls that squeak are my favorite!!

I do need a little work with a few behavioral issues- I chew on things when I’m left alone, I pull on the leash when walking, and I have had a few accidents in the house but my foster parents are helping me with these issues.

I’m being fostered in Riverside, and I’m hoping to find my forever family soon!


Hi, my name is Pearl! I’m a 3 1/2 year old, 50 lb, Goldendoodle, and the sweetest gal around. I love playing fetch and catch and getting all the belly rubs, and I’m great with kids. I’m very curious and social with my foster family’s kids when they are home, but when they go to school I like to chill with my foster dad and take naps. People are my favorite, and I love to be included in whatever my family is doing. 


I’m well behaved with my food and graze during the day (I never gorge myself), but I will also snag tasty treats if I’m left alone and they’re at nose height. I follow instructions well and am comfortable in my crate. I also know “sit”, “lay down”, and “leave it”.  I do need some training on how to behave on a leash because I get excited and want to smell everything all at once. I also need some help learning how to be nice to other dogs, since I don’t have much experience with them. 


My ideal furever home would have lots of people who want to spend time with me, a big yard so I can run, and no other dogs because they make me nervous.  If I sound like the right dog for you please apply, then come visit me! I’m being fostered in Costa Mesa. 


Trixie is looking for her perfect forever home that can give her the love and care that she deserves. She's a 9-year-old, 15 pound, spayed miniature poodle. Trixie hasn't had much structure in her life but one thing she's really good at is cuddling with her person. Trixie is a spry little girl and loves to go on walks. She is looking for someone with patience that will give her a refresher on potty training and teach her basic commands. She also needs all of her shots. If you are looking for a buddy to walk, take to the beach, the park, etc., Trixie is waiting for you. She's located in Northern California. Please put in an adoption application today!


Hello, my name is Zeus! I’m a three and half year old, 50 pound,  Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix. My parents did all the things you aren’t supposed to do during the pandemic, ie get a random puppy off the Internet with limited awareness of background and history. I’m an amazing and loving dog with my family which includes a 9 and 13 year old. However, I am not good with their younger friends, and have nipped at the 9 and under group in excitement - I still have puppy energy. My family is looking to rehome me to a childless couple or a family with older teen-Agers. I also need a much quieter neighborhood. My family lives right in the heart of Los Angeles and I hate motorcycles, like really hate them and will try to chase them. I have a really loud bark and am great at guarding the home but because I am a Covid puppy, I get overly excited with visitors and will bark at them a lot until they pay attention to me. I get along GREAT with other dogs and am happiest when I can play with a furry companion. I am in the Los Angeles areea.


Hi!  I’m NATASHA and I live in the Corona area!  I’m an 80 pound, 5 year old, Schnoodle.   I was loyal and protective of my family, but I’m so sad cause my human mom passed away.   


I love people and belly rubs, but I like you to be part of my tribe.  It takes me a little time with strangers. I also love food and treats.  I have lots of energy and I like walks, but I’m also an excellent couch potato .


If you would like to share your house with me, I would be sooo happy  


(Please no other small children, dogs, or cats)

I am being fostered in the Corona area.


Hi, everyone. I’m Wiley, and I’m the tiniest sweetest Maltipoo you will ever meet. I’m a little over 1 year old,  potty trained, and I like to snooze most of the day. I hardly bark and I’m pretty chill. I like to follow my foster mum around because I’m like a little Velcro dog. 


I’m tiny (about 5 pounds) but we are working on me gaining more weight. I like to follow my foster brother too. He always looks out for me so if I have a brother or a sister, I’d love that. But I’ll be fine by myself. I do not have any separation anxiety and I do just fine when my foster parents leave. 


I have a rare genetic swallowing disorder called Circopharyngeal Achalasia but don’t fret. I do just fine and I eat fine. Since moving in with my fosters, I have improved a lot and I no longer regurgitate my food and as long as you follow my routine, I can live just amazingly without the need for a corrective surgery. You can talk to my foster mum about it and she will tell you how easy it is to take care of me. I am very low maintenance and she will also tell you how adorable I am. And if she doesn’t, believe me because I am. 


Will you be furever parents? I’m sure you will fall in love with me.

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