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"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"


- Josh Billings

501 C-3 non-profit dog rescue   (EIN 88-0967716)

Doodles ready for Adoption


Amelia was rescued from a shelter in Escondido. She is an Alaskan Husky and Miniature Poodle mix. She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all of her shots.  She is also 50 pounds and a little over 1 year old. If those eyes don't melt you heart, we don't know what will.


Trapper was abandoned in the high desert behind Mt Baldy. A group of Good Samaritans were able to catch Trapper and groom him and get him to the vet.. Embedded with foxtails and mats today you would never know. His foster said he is a snuggle bug who only wants love and affection. EXCELLENT with other dogs of all sizes , children, and cats.  He’s essentially the perfect man. 10 months old and fostered in Los Angeles. Believed to be a Goldendoodle. But, who knows and who cares.. The vet said he’s nearly full grown at approximately 20 lbs.


Hi everyone here I am! It’s me Monica, the sweetest puppy girl ever. I’d love to love you. I’m a 6 mo old, 38 pound double doodle girl. (that means I’m part bernedoodle and labradoodle) I’ve had fun playing with my sibs the last few months but I really want a home of my own with humans that love me. I’m so happy when I’m with humans of any age and I sure like playing with dogs. I’m a very gentle, sweet girl and I can hardly wait to find my new family. I see hugs and cuddles in my future, will it be with you?

I’m ready to explore the world, learn more things and go on exciting new adventures. Like all doodles I have lots of energy so I want a family that can give me plenty of exercise and playtime so I can come home and relax with everyone. I’ll be a wonderful family dog, I just need humans who will adopt me soon and love me forever.

I can stay in a crate for a little while or sleep there all night if I have to. I know I’m supposed to go potty outside, I’ve had my shots and got ‘fixed’ so I can’t have any puppies.

I’m going to be so happy to meet you, please come soon and choose me to be part of your family. I’m waiting for you with my amazing foster family in the Sacramento


My name is Brookelynn. I am a 12 year old, 55 pound Goldendoodle looking for a forever home where I can live the rest of my life.  My human mom, who raised me from a puppy, said I am a joy! 


I've had a wonderful life. But, unfortunately my human mom has to move into a senior apartment and can't take me with her. She is devastated, but has no family or friends who can take care of me. She found out about the California Doodle Rescue and is trusting them to find me the perfect forever family. 

I am loving, obedient, protective, adaptable to new environments, very smart, and willing to learn new things. I like my walks and sometimes playing fetch. I will even give my paw to shake.

I do have some medical issues. If you are interested in adopting me, California Doodle Rescue will provide more details. I am currently in the Monrovia area.

If you adopt me, I promise to give you unconditional love for the rest of my life. 


My name is Hunter and I am a 6 month old Chi-poo being fostered in Los Angeles. Want a snuggle bug ? I’m your dood. Want love?  Im your dood, I'm happy to sit in your lap all day long, go to a coffee shop, and the park. I'm about 10 or 12 pounds. 

Millie - Mama


Hi, my name is Millie. I am about 50 pounds and the mama of the 7 puppies rescued from the backyard hoarding situation. All of my puppies have been to the vet and are in foster care around Upland. I am approximately 2 years old and sort of a puppy myself. I've had my puppies and am ready to start my new life with a loving home. I hope you might want me for yours.

Mr Archie - Pup 2


Hi, my name is Mr Archie and I am 25-30 pounds. I am one of the 7 puppies rescued from the backyard hoarding situation. All of us pups are super adorable. We've been to the vet and are in foster care around Upland. We've all been through a lot and can't wait to be placed into a loving forever home. Maybe that will be you. Hurry and apply.

Freddie - Pup 3


Freddie, a sweet, mild-mannered, six month, 25-30 lb pup, who before being rescued, lived on dilapidated lot with no water, and no food for either him, his siblings, or their momma. You will fall in love with his easy temperament and playful nature. Although low key, he loves the occasional sprint around the yard or game of tug. And when it's time to slow things down, he is one to cuddle with for sure. He has brought so much joy to our home and to our two pups. Freddie is named after the talented first baseman Freddie Freeman of the LA Dodgers baseball team. The two share many traits including an easy going attitude, and love for family. Freddie is housebroken and can sit, he’s good with other dogs and children. Currently being fostered in Pasadena 

Dolly - Pup 4


Hi, my name is Dolly and I am 25-30 pounds. I am one of the 7 puppies rescued from the backyard hoarding situation. All of us pups are super adorable. We've been to the vet and are in foster care around Upland. We've all been through a lot and can't wait to be placed into a loving forever home. Maybe that will be you. Hurry and apply.

Siouxsie - Pup 7


Hi, my name is Siouxsie and I am 25-30 pounds. I am one of the 7 puppies rescued from the backyard hoarding situation. All of us pups are super adorable. We've been to the vet and are in foster care around Upland. We've all been through a lot and can't wait to be placed into a loving forever home. Maybe that will be you. Hurry and apply.


Hi, my name is Laramie and I’m a very sweet, beautiful double doodle girl (Bernedoodle/Labradoodle). Actually I’ve heard that from humans around here. I’m 6 mo old and only about 38 pounds, but I’m not grown up all the way yet. I want so much to have a home of my own with a family that will love me forever. I dream of how wonderful that would be. If I could have kids to cuddle with or a dog friend to play with that would be great too. I’m a friendly, gentle girl and I have lots of love to give.

I’m very smart and I’ll learn everything I need to know to be a good dog quickly. I promise to be the best companion you’ve ever had.  I have plenty of energy so I’m ready to go with you on walks, runs, or any new adventure.  I know I have to practice my leash manners more so lots of walks would be a fun. When we are done I will be happy to be calm and sit by your side. Oh, I should say I can stay in a crate to sleep all night and maybe for a little while if you have to leave.  I know a few basic commands too.

I sure hope my perfect humans will  choose me for their own very soon. I’m getting so excited that it’s hard to wait. I’m going to live with my wonderful foster family in the San Jose area until we meet and fall in love


LENNY is up for adoption. This is the perspective from the woman that got Lenny from the BREEDER! please read very carefully and thoroughly before applying:


After being in communication with who I thought was a reputable breeder for over two years, I adopted Lenny, a 6-month male Cockapoo, on September 20, 2023. I am shocked at how manipulative and deceptive this breeder has been, and I know he will one day be stopped.


Lenny is sweet and delicate, and has clearly been neglected and possibly abused. He is very shy and quiet. He also has some medical conditions that have been identified by a veterinarian, as Lenny was not eating or drinking the day after we received him from the breeder.


Lenny’s medical situation after visiting an urgent care includes malnourishment and constipation, which was treated with an enema and pain medication (which we are still giving him). We ran all recommended tests, including an X-ray that revealed an extra vertebra in his lower back. The veterinarian shared that this may impact his ability to make comfortable bowel movements, but we just don’t know yet.


I am trying very hard to find a new home for Lenny. I was hoping to bring Lenny home as a companion for my 8 year old Goldendoodle (55 lbs), but Lenny is far too delicate to be in our household. I also know I won’t be able to provide the attention he needs.


While I’m disappointed at losing nearly $5,000 during this ordeal ($3,000 to breeder, $1,700 for veterinarian care),  I will NOT contact the breeder to return him I would like to work with California Doodle Rescue to find Lenny a new home


My name is Carlton and I am a very handsome, regal looking boy.  I’m a 3yo brown labradoodle.  I know I’m big because I heard humans say 78 pounds is big. But I promise I’m just a goofy, social, love bug kind of guy. I love every human young or old.  I have a great time playing with dogs too. In my other home I got to go everywhere with my human mom and I really liked being her co-pilot. (I don’t like staying home alone too much.) It’s just that I have lots of energy and need more exercise, like running or taking really long walks or a hike. She said I need to find a new family that is really active like me. But after good exercise I’ll be a very good boy ready to relax with you. By the way I love going to the beach too, do you?

I know some words like sit, lay and stay, I like my crate, it’s my safe place, but I’d rather sleep on my bed or the sofa. I’m pretty good on a leash but I do need more practice. I do know how to go potty in the right place, I have all my shots and can’t make puppies.  I think there’s a lot of great things about me so I’m sure hoping you will  let me join your family.

Right now I have a wonderful foster family to live with in San Francisco. Will you choose me so I can have someone to love again soon?


I’m Adele! I’m a female, black, 28 pound, 6 month old Labradoodle and I love cuddling! I’m very good on leash, I’m not a barker, and I love kids and other dogs. I may need a little help with potty training.


My foster found me at the shelter - they said I was a stray. But I don’t want to be alone anymore. I need my furever family to love and take care of me!! I am being fostered in LA

Is that you?  Please let me know - apply now


Astro is a 1.5 year old., 45 lb. Red Standard Poodle. He is a long, lanky, laid-back lad who loves playing with smaller dogs and is even okay with cats! He will steal your heart with his excellent manners and his affectionate nature. He's potty trained, crate trained, and knows the basic commands (he's not yet neutered).

This regal fellow will do best in a home where someone in the family can be with him during the day and give him the love and attention that he deserves. Right now, he's having a blast at his foster home playing with his little canine foster brother. He can't wait to start his new life with his forever family. He's currently being fostered in Farfield, CA half way between the Bay Area and Sacramento. 


Novella is a 1 and a half year old Labradoodle/ terrier mix . She is 58lbs and ready to be adopted! Sadly her owner passed away and she is with a loving foster (Located in Encinitas) who said she’s a sweetheart who just wants love and attention. Novella knows basic commands. She does shed a little but c'mon with that face who cares. OMG, those eyes.


Miss Shadow's Puppies:  Hi, I’m Gogo. (male).  I’m 4 weeks old and unlike my name I’m not on the go.. I’m super chill and just want snuggles. I'll be ready for adoption in a month


Miss Shadow's Puppies:  My name is Trouble (male).  4 weeks old and ready for adoption in a month.  Why the name? First born and ready to play and Party. Give me a hug and you’ll get kisses in spades.


Miss Shadow's Puppies:  I’m Bonsai ( male). I’m sexy and I know it. At 4 weeks I am a lover not a fighter. I will be ready for adoption in a month.. Love my siblings, but LOVE human interaction SO much.  Give me love and I’ll give it back.


Miss Shadow's Puppies:  I’m Rebel. Why the name you ask?  I’m the only girl in the bunch. So dealing with 3 brothers I’d say I’m a Rebel. I’m a total snuggle bug. Give me kisses and I’ll return the favor. I’m 4 weeks old and up for adoption in a month

Gracie and Bruce

Hi!  Bruce  and Gracie  here!  We are Mini English Goldendoodles F1BB, bonded brother and sister (different litters) so can’t live without each other.  So please, please adopt us together.


As the younger brother, I can speak for both of us!  (I’m 4 1/2 years old, 35 pounds).  I’m sweet and love to give kisses.  


Gracie is almost 6 years old, 28 pounds and likes to play catch with a ball.  She’s very mellow and sweet.


We were rehomed to a foster family in Torrance.  We actually walked 4 miles with them.   We are up to date on our shots, potty trained,  like dogs and kids, like to sleep in your bed, and love to spend all day with our paw-rents!  When we watch TV with you, we love to sit on the top of the couch.  Oh, and we love to chase squirrels  (who doesn’t).


If you would like to adopt us, please fill out an application.  


Hey everyone I’m Echo a beautiful F1B Labradoodle. My foster mom says I’m 45 pounds of happy, sweet boy, who wants to be loved. I think so too. I totally love playing with dogs cuz I have lots of puppy energy. But boy am I happy to cuddle up and just relax once I’m tired out. I didn’t get to be in the house much in my old home but now I get to do that and I am so happy. I like to play fetch, take a long walk, go to a dog park or go exploring in the world outside my yard. Most everything is new to me and I love it all. I can’t wait to have a new family that will love me and take me on more adventures.

I have lots to learn and I’m very smart so I know I can learn fast if you take me to dog school. I already know to go potty outside and I’ll stay in a crate if I have to. Please don’t leave me alone too long. I had to stay alone so much before and it really hurt my feelings. If I could have a home where people will spend time with me and maybe a dog or older kid to play with I will be so grateful.

I hope you’ll choose me soon to be your forever boy. I’m staying with my amazing foster family in the Los Angeles area while I wait for you to come.


Yo dood, my name is Ted. 


I’m a 5 year old Goldendoodle (35-40 lbs). My human said that I am such a good boy. I’m happy, energetic, I love to swim, and I am very loyal. I’m actually friendly to anyone I meet. I even like kids. But, I prefer older kids who are already out of the toddler phase.


I also get along with other cats and dogs. But, when I am eating, put up a “Do not disturb” sign. I take eating very seriously. 


If you want to adopt me and make me part of your family, I am accepting applications. I am in the SD area. 


My name is Iceman and I am an 11 month old St. Bernard Poodle who weighs about 55 lbs. I’m a super calm guy who does not bark. I started puppy training, but did not finish due to an unexpected disability in my human family. The trainer said I am just dumb enough to be very trainable. A dog that is too smart will challenge you. I’m not sure if I should be flattered or insulted. 


Anyway, I am a complete stalker as I will get up and follow you from room to room. I just like to see what you are doing. When it comes to walks, I am kind of lazy and they are very short. My human takes up the block and back down again. If she leaves me in the front yard off leash, I like to wander to my neighbors on the left and right to smell the trees and bushes. When I am called, I come right back. 


I know my current human family loves me very much. But, due the unexpected circumstances, I know they just want to find me a forever family who will care for me and give me lots of attention.


Maybe it will be you. Hope to see you soon. I am in the Orange County area.

Yeti and Honey

Hello humans, I’m Yeti and this is my best friend Honey. The first thing I have to say is please, please adopt us both. We will be so heartbroken if we can’t be together. We are beautiful sweet and cuddly English Goldendoodles. I’m the 3 year old 60-65 pound boy and she’s the 2 year old 50-55 pound girl. We do everything together and Honey has been with me since she was 8 weeks old. That’s pretty special to us so we are wishing very hard for an amazing family who will adopt both of us. We wouldn’t be asking but we have to leave our home because one of our humans has become very allergic to us.


I promise we are the most perfect dogs and won’t cause any trouble. We just want a to be together in a family who will love us lots forever. I’m the more outgoing one so I’m telling our story. I’m very mellow and relaxed, not much bothers me. Honey is a little shy but she warms up quickly especially if I’m around. She can be pretty funny, like when she drops toys on my head to get me to play. (Ha, ha!) We sure like wrestling with each other, going for walks, or just playing and having fun with our people or dog friends. We both love humans of all ages and other dogs too. We are very smart and know lots of commands. We are house trained, good on or off leash and have that friendly doodle temperament.


We are waiting with our nice foster family in the SF Bay Area for someone special to adopt us both.  We promise to love you forever


Yeti and Honey 


Hi there, my name is Thor. I don't have a hammer, but I'm a pretty big Goldendoodle at 65 lbs.  I am 3 1/2 years old. I love my humans. However, when I sense fear, I can be protective and reactive to strangers. So I must trust you to let you do certain things. When I trust you, I will lie down on my back and let you rub my belly. 


I'm looking for a very EXPERIENCED dog owner who can help me build my confidence and be a much happier doodle. I can't wait to meet my forever human.


Hi!  I’m NATASHA and I live in the Corona area!  I’m an 80 pound, 5 year old, Schnoodle.   I was loyal and protective of my family, but I’m so sad cause my human mom passed away.   


I love people and belly rubs, but I like you to be part of my tribe.  It takes me a little time with strangers. I also love food and treats.  I have lots of energy and I like walks, but I’m also an excellent couch potato .


If you would like to share your house with me, I would be sooo happy  


(Please no other small children, dogs, or cats)


Hi, my name is Wiley. I'm an 11 month old, 7-9 pound Maltipoo.  I am the cutest little guy you'll ever meet. However I have a rare genetic swallowing disorder called Circopharyngeal Achalasia.

My current human has me on a very special diet and eating regiment which has helped tremendously. I am actually leading a fairly normal puppy life. I get along with other dogs, but I need to be fed separately because I eat slowly.

I'm a happy go lucky puppy with lots of energy. I love to play and snuggle. I will be available after I recover from my neutering. I'm not sure what that is, but it doesn't sound fun. I hope you will consider me as a member of your forever family 


My name is Cinnamon, and I am a 9 month old, 30 lb female Goldendoodle. My life didn't get off to such a great start. My previous owner dropped me off at a shelter.  But, I consider myself lucky because the California Doodle Rescue sprung me from that place.  


I am currently staying with an amazing foster who is taking incredible care of me. He's the same human who pulled me from the shelter. However, the vet informed the rescue that I had congenital  hip issues, causing me pain whenever I tried to walk or sit. I needed a surgery called a bilateral femoral head ostectomy (FHO). I don't know what that means, but it was expensive.

Fortunately, the California Doodle Rescue paid for a very skilled surgeon who repaired my defects and I am recovering nicely. My prognosis is good and I hope to be walking and running without pain just like other normal puppies.

As much as I love my foster, I know it's time to start looking for a forever family. Please consider bringing me into your home as part of your family.  I promise I'll give you lot's of doodle kisses and all the love I can. 


Hi, my name is Snickers. I am approximately 7 years old and I weigh 12 lbs. I am a total love bug. My previous foster said I was a velcro dog. I don’t know what that means, but I like to be by my human’s side all of the time. My human mom of 5 years passed away and her family was going to send me to the shelter. Thankfully, the California Doodle Rescue took me in. 


I get along with other dogs and children. I love going for car rides. In fact I like going anywhere you go. I’m also pretty good at the vet and with the groomer


However, I must warn you that I have resource guarding issues. That’s a fancy way of saying if I have something in my mouth that you don’t want me to have, don’t try to take it away from me or will nip. Instead, distract with treats or toys. My previous foster said “when in doubt, let me have it”.  


My current foster has had me for about 2 months and we have had no issues. I’m looking for a human who understands me and my boundaries. I promise you, I will stick by your side like velcro. Oh, now I get it. 

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