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About Us

We rescue, foster, and find safe loving homes for poodle mixed breed dogs affectionately known as 'Doodles'.

Board of Directors:

  • Dan Stanton: CEO

  • Suzanne List: Secretary

  • Cindy Stanton: CFO 

  • John List: Vice President

No Calif  Coordinators:

  • Sharron Bradley

  • Susan Beebe

  • Juli Krueger

  • Bao Mei

  • Kattie Pak

So Calif Coordinators:

  • Diane Leslie

  • Becky Grundy

  • Theresa Norland 


Our directors are doodle enthusiasts, who have had extensive experience working with national dog rescues. During this time, they recognized an immense demand for rescuing doodles right here in California. So, in February 2022, they established a new 501 C-3 non-profit rescue that serves California residents. Since then, California Doodle Rescue has re-homed and adopted over 600 doodles to loving families across the state. 

While our directors are based in Southern California, we do not have a physical facility. Instead, we operate by fostering doodles in private volunteer homes until suitable adoptive families are found. This is made possible by dedicated and wonderful volunteers. Without their help, these doodles may otherwise end up in shelters.

We rely on adoption fees and your generous donations which are highly valued and deeply appreciated. Your contributions assist us in covering  essential

operating expenses such as fostering costs and pet supplies, paying for expensive veterinary bills, and facilitating transportation for these precious doodles.

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